Unluckiest Day Ever: Chinatown Bus Crashes En Route to Atlantic City Casino


Some people are just not lucky. Not at all. Which is perhaps why they’re on the way to Atlantic City — quite possibly one of the most desolate, soul-sucking places on the planet, regardless of whether you’re frequenting one of the fancy new casinos or loitering outside the “We Buy Gold” place(s) — on a random Thursday. (Or is that just us?)

Unluckier still is taking the bus, and not just any bus, a Chinatown (a/k/a, more budget than budget) bus. Which then, unluckily, collided with a car en route to the Tropicana Casino Resort, where these unlucky folks had only wanted to spend a few coins in some air-conditioned, oxygen-infused sanctum so that maybe, just maybe, they could reclaim a semblance of the dignity being ripped from humanity on a daily basis.

According to NY1, 16 injured people were taken to the Atlanticare Regional Medical Center; two are in critical condition.

But! A light of hope in an otherwise tragic tale: According to the AP, those not injured were taken to the casino. If we were the betting kind, we’d…oh, but those behaviors were driven out of us at an early age. Never mind.