Bionic Cat Proves that Animals Are Way Harder Than Any Wimpish Humans (Video)


So, you probably already know that we have a soft spot for animals, particularly Adorable Animals in Trouble who manage to overcome difficulties that would lay your typical human low for the rest of his or her miserable life and carry on without a word of protest, because they are animals. Such is the case with the so-called “bionic cat,” upcoming star of a new show called The Bionic Vet. Video of Oscar the cat after the jump.

Now, Oscar isn’t really bionic at all, at least as far as the eye can see, but nitpicking the semantics is unnecessary here because the point is, this cat had an accident with a combine harvester that sliced off both of his hind legs and has received two prosthetic ones, which kinda look like adorable little white go-go boots if you squint your eyes a little. Remember what a fuss that poor guy who had to cut off his arm after it got stuck behind the boiler made? This cat is like, whatever, I’m going to walk around and smell the rug and be just fine and dandy!

Talk about feline optimism. If this happened to us, we’d be moping and groaning for weeks.

Full disclosure: We once had a three-legged cat, who also got around just fine and dandy, so we know this to be true. Meanwhile, our three-legged ex-boyfriend was always quite the drag at parties.