Bronx High School Blows $90,000; Owes $100,000


Staffers at John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx apparently nibbled away at more than $90,000 that students had raised at bake sales and fund-raisers, state Controller Thomas DiNapoli found. The Daily News asks, “Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?” Those must have been some cookies to bring in $90,000.

Staffers of the school, one of 34 facing possible closure by New York State, used the money, which was raised to pay for student activities and events, as an expense account for dinners and parties. The report by DiNapoli blames Anthony Rotunno, the principal who stepped down in May. “The Kennedy principal did not establish basic accountability for student funds,” the report says.

$90,000 over two years at a school that’s on the chopping block is no small thing, but the worst part is that the school owes more than $100,000 for unpaid bills, including $28,825 in checks bounced by the school’s treasurer “because she didn’t even know the accounts were depleted,” according to the Daily News. Ouch, any high schooler can figure out these numbers are really screwed up.