Drunken NYC Ladies Now Losing Their Louboutins in the Streets


Okay, we’re just assuming that the rather pricey single shoes recently found in the streets of Manhattan are due to some rather drunken single lady behavior. Why else would one allow a $600 shoe to simply fall from a presumably well-pedicured foot and then lie in the street unclaimed? Why not both shoes? (Also: Are you a size 7?)

The West Side Independent writes,

What’s with people losing one shoe on the street? We saw it a couple of weeks ago at Lincoln Center, and now someone has dropped a $600 Christian Louboutin leather pump with four-inch heels at 96th and Broadway.

Here’s the Craigslist ad:

Hey, we’ve all been there, ladies, am I right? It’s just that most of us have managed to keep our shoes on. Unless: Is there some sort of Cinderella thing going on here? Oh, God, Prince Harry!

If you’ve recently lost or “strategically misplaced” a shoe, please get in touch. We would like to talk.