Eligible Bachelor Alert: Prince Harry Hits NYC


Ladies, ladies, ladies. It’s time to dig deep for that Chelsy Davy impersonation and maybe freshen up your roots, because a real, live prince is in town this weekend. And even though he’s only third in line for the throne and has, to be fair, exhibited some behavior perhaps ill suiting the crown (or just kind of dumb: see “Nazi costume”), and is a ginger, he’s still royalty. And he’s the fun one. Mom would be so proud!

Yep, we’re talking Prince Harry. Who, FYI, broke up with Davy again recently and is therefore easy pickins for a strategic rebound relationship. Keep in mind, he wants someone willing to relocate, what with his obligations and all. Also, be a little whatever about your career. Per CBS, Davy, who wants to be a lawyer for some godforsaken reason, told Harry that she couldn’t practice in the UK because she “will always be Prince Harry’s girlfriend” and she wanted “to be known for [her] own merit.” Yeah, tell us that again when you’re 35.

The perfect-for-cougar-lovin’ 25-year-old prince will hit West Point today, where he’ll play like he’s a cadet, and then he’ll head over to the Intrepid on our very own West Side of Manhattan! He’ll toss the first pitch at the Mets game on Saturday, take part in a UNICEF event, and on Sunday, walk with wounded vets in a race in Central Park (such a gentle soul!) before joining in on the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic charity event on Governors Island.

Gosh, royals are busy! We know where we’ll be on each leg of that tour, but it’s up to you to come up with your own strategy. Tip: We hear he likes boobs.