Fat Pants Friday: Little Buddy Biscuit Company’s Strawberry-Gingersnap Ice Cream Sandwich


True, Little Buddy Biscuit Company’s strawberry-gingersnap ice cream sandwich has been written about a lot lately. And the reason it’s being written about again here is because it’s really, really, exceptionally, and unequivocally wonderful.

A lot of ice cream sandwiches either bung up the cookies or the ice cream. Or both. The components of Little Buddy’s, however, are spot-on. The gingersnap cookies are home to chunks of crystallized ginger that leave a mellow burn in their wake. The cookies’ sweetness has depth and dimension to it, and their texture is chewy but soft enough so that each bite doesn’t make the ice cream shoot out all over the place.

The ice cream, which comes from Jane’s in Kingston, New York, is also exceptional. While a lot of strawberry ice cream is pallid and tastes predominately of pink “flavoring,” this stuff tastes like real fruit, probably because it contains a lot of it. The baseball-sized portion that’s used in the sandwich pairs well with the cookies, answering the snap of the ginger with cool, laid-back aplomb.

Perhaps most impressively, Little Buddy has somehow managed to freeze the $4.50 sandwiches so that the cookies thaw at the same speed the ice cream melts. In the frozen treats world, this is nothing short of a miracle, and it deserves to be celebrated as such. And it’s also something of a miracle in the Fat Pants Friday world, a dessert that weighs in on the sweatpants side of the spectrum but doesn’t leave its consumer feeling immobilized. But that’s the true miracle of a good dessert: It will lift your spirits, even as it fills your stomach.

Little Buddy Biscuit Company
635 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn