iPhone 4, Now With More Dropped Calls Than Ever! Steve Jobs: “Not a Big Issue.”


If you have an iPhone — and especially if you have an iPhone in New York City — you’re familiar with the concept of The Dreaded Dropped Call, because among other reasons, AT&T sucks and your iPhone likely only uses AT&T. Also, because it’s supposed to be The JesusPhone, it’s just inherently going to be imperfect. Such is life. But now, the iPhone is more imperfect than ever.

Reports the New York Times last night, the big, beautiful, but most importantly, new iPhone 4 that sweaty New Yorkers everywhere have been lining up for is dropping calls like…like an iPhone drops calls. And it’s not just because it’s made poorly, but because people are apparently holding it the wrong way:

[When] the new iPhone 4 landed in the hands of the earliest adopters late Wednesday, the antenna’s reception quickly became an Internet obsession. What surprised many of them: the precious little bars that signal network connections inexplicably disappeared when they cradled the phone in the their hands a particular way. Sometimes, but not always, the cradling resulted in dropped calls.

Just like when you put a sheet over a bird cage, or something! Neat. And what does Apple CEO Steve Jobs have to say about this?

It’s not a big issue.

Asshole! Kind of like the fact that these phones are

None of those must be “big issues” either, because “big issues” would cause your market share to get smaller, along with your stock price, and you wouldn’t want that. Lesson learned: Don’t buy Apple products until they stop sucking or having “not big” issues.