It’s Anthony Bourdain’s Birthday: Here Are 10 Things You Can Get Him


Did you know that Anthony Bourdain turns 54 today? Neither did we, but a co-worker thoughtfully informed us of this fact. As of late, Bourdain seems to have pretty much everything a man could want in life: a successful career, an adored wife and daughter, a fat pad on the Upper East Side, and his choice of highly esteemed dining companions. So what does one get the birthday boy who has it all? Well, we have a few ideas.

10. A signed, lightly used copy of Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Weeknight Wonders.

9. A deluxe bacon belt.

8. The services of a plastic surgeon specializing in tattoo removal.

7. Nunchucks.

6. A new earring.

5. A clue.

4. A dinner date with Alan Richman at Mars 2112.

3. A single plover egg from Alice Waters, cooked over the heat of a roaring fire.

2. A roll of toilet paper emblazoned with the likeness of Brooke Johnson.

1. The street cred he pawned off in the last two seasons of No Reservations.