Last Night: Wavves Inspire Moshing, Crowd-Surfing, Rampant Bliss


Wavves/Cloud Nothings/DOM
Knitting Factory
Thursday, June 24

The Northside Festival opening night was a hipster frat party in which every dude (and a few dudettes) tried to out-bro the next guy. Instead of shotgunning Budweisers, though, these fresh young things chugged PBRs, moshed, and crowd-surfed.

It was a Wavves show! What did we expect?

SoCal punk Nathan Williams played a triumphant show: Now backed by a kickin’ rhythm section (previously of the late Jay Reatard’s band), the new Wavves is less lo-fi and more straight-up punk. His songs about boredom, disaffection, and slacker fun appeal at a time when young people fear for the future. But does Williams (who himself jumped into the crowd while still playing his guitar) actually think about this when writing his songs? Doubtful. As drummer Billy Hayes announced, “We didn’t graduate college cause we’re too dumb!” All the more reason to stage dive and land face first on the floor, right?