Oil Is Washing Up All Over Florida Beaches


Yesterday Foster shared a video of a kid on the beach in Destin, Florida (where this blogger spent many a Spring Break) screaming because of the oil — BP oil — clinging to her foot. Today we have these St. Petersburg Times photos of Pensacola Beach, which is just around the corner from Destin.

Now, say what you will about Gulf beaches being part of the so-called Redneck Riviera, where Icees and denim cutoffs are de rigueur (not that they’re not in New York!), but these are truly some of the most beautiful beaches — white, powdery sand; blue green water — that ever existed. Except now, not so much.

In case you’re counting, today’s Day 67 of the oil spill. And, if you’ll recall, expectations are that this thing is not going to stop leaking in some way or another until end of summer. Tip, iceberg, etc. Sorry to be a bummer on a Friday afternoon, but…this is pretty heartbreaking.

Some slight good news: The AP reports that parts of the beach have reopened after being cleaned of oil, and health advisories have been lifted in certain areas. The National Park Service is still advising people not to swim or fish off its beaches in the Pensacola area.

We guess there will at least be fewer cases of skin cancer if our beaches are all destroyed…well, except for that pesky ozone layer problem.

This, apparently, is how we live now. More photos here.