Urban Outfitters To Open “Ironic” Fake Storefronts on the Upper West Side


According to the Wall Street Journal, Urban Outfitters, the place you go to fake an overpriced Salvation Army wardrobe, is now planning to fake the old Upper West Side by splitting the facade of a new store to give the illusion of four distinct storefronts: a hat store, a hardware store, a neighborhood bar, and a bodega.

“The whole idea was to do this kind of ironic statement of lining the building with storefronts that would be reminiscent of independent businesses,” Ron Pompei, the store designer, told the Journal. “It’s the story about the streets of New York as they once were.”

See, it’s about the story, not the marketing. We wonder if they’ll hire fake bodega owners, serve fake PBRs, or sell “hardware” made by Tyco to complete this “story.”

Anyway, the new UWS location, at 2629 Broadway near 100th Street, is one of three new stores Urban Outfitters plans to open in Manhattan this year. Because what New York totally needs is to manufacture more hipsters in mass quantities.