Week in Review: We Forgot “Rad Bromance”


In case Lady Gaga’s monstrous fame-monster antics weren’t over-the-top enough, the bubble-dress-wearing, bloody-heart- ripping Gaga monster’s out-of-this-planet-to-Jupiter-and-back diva status may have officially been cemented in stone this week. Well, sort of.

On Wednesday, Billboard reported that the king of all things weird (and perhaps Gaga’s most eligible suitor?), “Weird Al” Yankovic, was well into production on his latest parody-popping, pun-pondering album. And since word on Crazy Street is that he’s pulling inspiration from the Gaga Monster herself, we decided to help him out a bit. Maybe he’ll sport the same lacy black lingerie (and not much else) that Gaga donned at Yankee Stadium last week, where by the way, Jay-Z and Eminem just added another (probably already sold out) show. That will be NYC concert #2 for the power duo, who were also finally able to perform their “secret” show on a rooftop following all the Drake show riots. That seemed to go a little smoother than the Wavves afterparty, which got shut down over at the venue named after that other New York baseball team’s stadium.

Oh, and speaking of Drake, although we aren’t completely sure why, he sold almost 500,000 copies of Thank Me Later last week. (Which, by the way, is almost the same number of pills Courtney Love had in her during this VH1 Behind the Music interview). At least his MTV documentary seems a little less Auto-Tuned and a little more interesting than his album.

We also realized that some other artists may be sippin’ from Lady Gaga’s same slightly insane but visually awesome Kool-Aid when Eric Harvey tried to make sense of Janelle Monáe’s “Tightrope” video, wherein a tuxedo-clad, moonwalking Monet is definitely reminiscent of Michael Jackson, who, by the way, died a year ago today. Interpol also got into the act with their new clip for “Lights.” However, according to the video, it seems that they were a bit more interested in another questionable liquid. Oh, and Björk and the Dirty Projectors released a super abstract/confusing/strange video too, but that was sort of a given, since we’re pretty certain Björk added a pint of vodka to the Kool-Aid a while ago.

Elsewhere, Gary Shteyngart wrote an extremely insignificant profile piece of M.I.A. for GQ that had little to do with her and a lot to do with Ice Cube, furthering the death of the print news industry. But it’s still all good, since Rolling Stone was able to give everyone the ultimate middle finger by getting Stanley McChrystal, the top commander in Afghanistan, fired.

And how on earth could we end this week’s wrap-up without a World Cup post? This is just funny, on so many levels. Enjoy, and see you next week.