What Hollywood Does to Starlets


Some years ago, I interviewed a rising movie actress and wrote a piece commending her on her willingness to be offbeat and a little bit pudgy and to not play the Hollywood game as ferociously as all the generic wannabes.

The next time I saw her, she was bone-thin.

In the movie biz, getting praise for being different and idiosyncratic is an alarm that cues managers and producers to shriek, “Lose weight! Get ‘sexy’! Be like everybody else!”

The second your brave personal style is noticed and admired, handlers jump on you to make you vomit and purge.

Meanwhile, these gals’ careers don’t necessarily flourish just because they’ve veered toward the middle. Having lost their edge, they often flounder in crap movies that render them creatively obsolete.

Much worse than that, the constant pressure to stay thin and boring can drive them into an unlivable personal hell.

I’ve had it with the way Hollywood tortures young women.

Let them eat cake!