The G20 Summit is Blowing Up Toronto


Dress in all black, blow up a car, run. That’s the general idea of attending the Group of 20 Summit this weekend in Toronto, if you’re not invited to the shirt-and-tie party. As usual, the facist-hating environmental activists are causing a ruckus at the meetings where the world’s most important countries decide what’s up next for money and markets. Police have made over four hundred arrests already, losing two cop cars to torching in the process. As per usual, baseball bats and bricks have gone through store windows and the crowds have subsequently been pepper-sprayed. The reckless, non-targeted vandalism is a tired act. How about some socially conscious improv comedy or something? Think about it.

Instead, it’s the same old show and The Man, who let’s not get it twisted, is indeed the enemy, sounds like the sensible one:

“What we saw yesterday is a bunch of thugs that pretend to have a difference of opinion with policies and instead choose violence to express those so-called differences of opinion,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s chief spokesman Dimitri Soudas said Sunday.

In other words, you’re clowning yourself with that brick and window trick. (Unless it’s a Starbucks, or maybe Urban Outfitters.) And if you think the men in power are unsympathetic to your teenage temper tantrums with a body count, don’t forget the press. They despise the unruly set equally, as demonstrated in this Associated Press report, which spends paragraphs describing the violence, quoting officials and police and failing to offer any detail about peaceful protests or a quote from any sort of measured activist leader. Or any dissenting voice at all! Instead, it’s this:

The black-clad demonstrators broke off from the larger crowd of peaceful protesters and began torching police cars and smashing shop windows.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said the goal of the militant protesters was to draw police away from the security perimeter of the summit so that fellow protesters could attempt to disrupt the meeting.

Some police officers were struck by rocks and bottles and assaulted, but none was injured badly enough to stop working, Blair said.

“We have never seen that level of wanton criminality and vandalism and destruction on our streets,” Blair said.

Cops: strong, thoughtful, resilient, brave, abused. Demonstrators: criminal, petty, violent, directionless. Get it? Or go on acting oblivious to how things work.