15 Most Unappetizing Place Names in the U.S.


Last Tuesday, I put up a list of the 50 Best Places for Foodies to Live in the U.S. It was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, since I based my recommendations on whether the places had some sort of food in their names — and how funny the name was. Highlights included Lickskillet, KY, and Vinegar Bend, AL.

Well, that list has a counterpart: places you wouldn’t want to live, on the grounds that the names are repulsive, food-wise. So here, without further ado, are the 15 Worst Places for Foodies to Live in the U.S.

15. Bellyache Mountain, CO
14. Roachtown, IL
13. Belcher, LA
12. Slickpoo, ID
11. Burnt Corn, Al
10. Greasy, OK
9. Bland, MO
8. Booger Mountain, NC

7. Devil’s Ice Box, OH
6. Toad Suck, AR
5. Calfkiller, TN
4. Whiskey Dick Mountain, WA
3. Shitbritches Creek, CA
2. Germfask, MI
1. Rat Farm, CA

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