Behold Batali in the Buff: The Chef Gets Immortalized on Canvas


Remember that guy who painted Rachael Ray in the nude in a river of EVOO? (His name was Alex Gardega.) Now, his friend, an artist named Sketchy Folk, has painted Mario Batali. And, yes, he’s also nude, depicted as Bacchus in a riff on the famous Rubens painting. Quoth the artist about his work:

This painting is a sharp stick in the eye of all things decent. It is wrong on all levels and really has nothing to do with Mario B. but rather with our unchecked gluttony for all things cheap and ugly, like contemporary art or reality shows or that trainwreck called Lady Gaga. We are doomed and our culture is like a BP well polluting the ocean of reality with the oil of demonic idiocy.

Quite a mouthful. The painting is available on Gardega’s website for $1,000. Prints are $50.