Fashion Breakthrough: Is Kanye West’s Neck-Toaster the Next Big Thing in Bling?


Last night, Kanye West performed “Power” on top of an Aggro Crag at the BET Awards and opened the show by doing so. Now, we have a music blog if you want to talk about the music of this musical performance. But we have a more serious concern: What was that thing around his neck, and will it — like many of the trends Kanye West purports — become a Big Thing in New York Fashion? UPDATE! We know what it is, now!

People have plenty of theories for what it was that was hanging on his neck! Among them:

For the record, I think it’s a toaster. Some people have suggested it’s a BET Award, but no, because that looks like this and sure, you could probably take someone out with it, but if dropped from a tall building, you could probably take out a crew with Kanye’s new neck piece. But as New York is on the cutting edge of so many street fashions, I think it’s vital that we solve this mystery and find out what was on Kanye’s neck, so (A) we can all move forward and (B) so I can buy twelve of them and (C) trip off the “power” that Yeezy obviously derives from that thing. If you have any hints, you know where to put them. One more look:

UPDATE: Apparently, it’s a horus head. Not to be confused with a “horse head,” which is too bad, because they Yeezy could legitimately say he was on some “Godfather-level shit.”