L Train Dubbed “Most Romantic” Subway Line by Craigslist Love Gurus


Craigslist is as obsessed with their Missed Connections as we are, to the extent that they dug in and calculated which subway lines and stations are “most romantic” in a month-long study of nearly 500 New York City Missed Connections posts. We’d like to point out that just because a subway train is mentioned as the location of a so-called Missed Connection, that doesn’t mean the posters are “romantic.” But since the New York Times probably isn’t allowed to say “horny,” we’ll let that slide. (Not letting slide: “Commuteris downcastus” — oof.)

The Times does have a seeming beef with the Craigslisters’ methodology, pointing out:

But it is striking that romance, always a bit abstract, is apparently now defined as “the best odds of a fellow passenger falling for you across a crowded car or platform, and then posting a ‘Missed Connections’ ad on Craigslist in search of you.”

Ah, there it is in a nutshell. That really is one of the most romantic things we anonymous city dwellers can imagine — someone who spies you in the midst of the crowd and actually thinks about you enough to post something about it online as much as an hour or even days later. A setup or meeting through friends has nothing on the Internet era distance-yet-immediacy of a public Craigslist posting, which if done well shows longing, appreciation for subject’s uniqueness, demonstration of poster’s uniqueness/not craziness, and a touch of the cosmos — will they/won’t they ever see said post? It’s the kind of romantic tension that makes movies like Serendipity get made.

According to calculations, the Morgan Avenue L station came up as “most romantic,” followed by Broadway and Graham Avenue (the whole L line was a veritable path of hearts and flowers, in fact). Least romantic was the Lexington Avenue/59th Street Station N, R, Q, W.

The study unfortunately does not go into how many love matches have actually been made al subway, though Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster concedes a love match is a long shot — still, he says, the success rate is higher than you might think! Much like dating in New York at all, right?

Gawker found an array of Craiglist Missed (subway) Connections today, which are a fun read if you’re bored, hot, and lonely. But here’s pretty much our all-train favorite of the day:

YOU GAVE ME A TUTU TO MATCH MY SHIRT – w4w – 19 (West Village)
Date: 2010-06-28, 10:30AM EDT
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i was having the worst day of my life…..even though pride is a great day
and i was leaning on the police barricade right outside the 1 train Christopher Street station
and you asked if i felt “under-dressed” and gave me a tutu
i was way to shy to even try to talk to you
but you really made my day……
if you happen to come across this please send a reply
because i would really like to get to know you……………………..

If love isn’t knowing who to turn to when in need of a tutu, we don’t know what is.

Now figuring out your China pattern with someone you met via Missed Connections? Get in touch, we want to know.