Video: Harry Potter ‘Deathly Hollows’ Trailer Finally Out, World Gets a Little Bit More Magical for This Muggle’s Monday


Sorry to interrupt you from your daily reading about the boring-ass Supreme Court or the boring-ass Rolling Stone or the boring-ass BP oil spill or whatever other boring-ass “important” non-magical thing you read about today, but, um, THE NEW HARRY POTTER TRAILER IS HERE! Click the “More > > >” button! You know you want to. No, really. If you’re one of those terribly sad and unfortunate people who wrote off Harry Potter books as “for kids” or whatever, it’s probably because you’re insecure about not having any magic in your life, and you’re projecting your anger about being non-magical on the most magical franchise in the history of literary/movie/theme-park/lunchbox history, or you enjoy The Lord of the Rings and justify it to people by explaining that Led Zeppelin liked The Lord of the Rings and that “Ramble On” is totally about Frodo, but honestly, we don’t care, I don’t care, nobody cares. The new Harry Potter trailer is here.

As you can tell, there’s lots of awesome spells cast and magic happening. Also, Ralph Fiennes looking like he got a nose-job in the Dominican Republic. I will admit, this is the one part of the books I never understand: If he’s The Most Magical Wizard Ever, and he’s evil, couldn’t he just give himself like Matt Damon’s schnoz or something? Whatever. Maybe his nose is magical and maybe they’re trying to teach us a lesson about not judging a schnoz by it’s cover, or something. Anyway, this movie is going to be awesome. That is all.