When People Can’t Let Go


Ever meet someone who’s so wrapped up in a project he/she did and can’t stop talking about it, repackaging it, and pushing it onto uninterested people?

And the problem is the project was done 10 years ago!!

I’ve encountered this with creative types who’ve involved me in various ventures that were low-level and sometimes downright awful (if heartfelt and occasionally delightful, mind you).

But years later, they’re still living and breathing it, wondering how to make a four-minute Internet video about monogamy in the gay insect world into an international phenomenon.

How do you impress them with the fact that you’re not still living and breathing it and in fact you only participated in the thing way back when as a total charity fuck?

Similarly: What do you do when someone you know is still obsessively hooked on an ex boyfriend or girlfriend from 10 years ago and acts like they just broke up two minutes ago?

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