Women and Media Act Like Animals around Good-Looking Single Prince


From childhood onward, books, fairy tales, and idealistic parents condition women to desire a handsome prince. Then, eventually, the notion is accepted as a metaphor for whatever acceptable guy you’ve got (He held the door for me — what a prince!). But when a real prince comes to town, especially when he’s the newly single “fun one,” as Jen points out, women forget the metaphor thing and go for the gold…and it makes media headlines for days (we’re guilty as charged).

Gold Diggers Take Note, Prince Harry Is En Route to New York,” Gawker wrote, riling the masses before the royal visit. Consider us riled. Then, yesterday, at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Governors Island, a “gaggle of women” made a break for Harry, “knocking over each other and anyone in their way,” the Daily News reported.

The Huffington Post reveals that Harry also left a handwritten note at Ground Zero, met with Governor Paterson, planted a tree at the British Garden, and chatted with veterans, all while flanked by a herd of camera-wielding media people. Despite the constant state of insanity surrounding him, he looks so darn classy in every photo of the slideshow HuffPo put together for those who couldn’t make it to yesterday’s polo match.

All of this Harry-mania has distracted local women from another newly single polo bachelor, Harry’s team captain and male model, Nicolas Roldan, whom the Daily News aptly calls “hunky.” Objective journalism? Pshh, probably.