Caffeine Addiction: What Do I Do About It?


Recently, I bought a huge vat of Maxwell House coffee because it was on sale and it seemed like such a great bargain.

But when I got home, I looked on the container and realized it was coffee lite!

It had half the usual caffeine!

No wonder it was on freakin’ sale!

I was horrified, but I used the stuff for a few days anyway, only to find that it just wasn’t satisfying me.

Maybe it was only psychological or maybe it just wasn’t delivering the zip I’d been used to all these years, but whatever the case, I was clearly a caffeine addict needing my fix and absolutely not getting it.

I only have three cups of coffee a day, mind you, plus an occasional Diet Coke, but there’s no denying that any less than that and I’m a basketcase.

Yes, I’m a caff queen.

Now what do I do about it?