Disturbing Things That Are All Too Real: 10-Year-Old Breaks World Underwear Record (Video)


So, this video’s been going around that explores some important questions in parenting. Such as, if your 10-year-old expresses a desire to attempt to surpass a Guinness World Record, do you let him? If that record is, say, wearing the most underpants out of anyone in the world, do you support him further by putting those underpants on him during a special birthday celebration attended by all of his friends, and arranging for the videotaping of the event for posterity and local news?

And, once his feet go numb after 195 pairs have been donned, do you maintain a straight face, lie him flat, and press on with even more underpants, until you reach a record-breaking 215?

In some societies, parenting seems as much like torture as, well, anything else. In others, it’s also patently ridiculous (but charitable!). Watch and learn what these good folks from Warwick, New York, have to share.

Also, if you are a local newscaster and this ends up one of your stories through some unfortunate twist of fate, do you maintain a straight face, or do you laugh your ass off? We would have a hard time with the former.

This will be a fun video for the kid to share with his future wife.