DJ Paulie D, Fourth Jersey Shore Guido, Approves of Colleagues’ Voice Queer Issue Appearance


Remember last Wednesday’s Village Voice, The Queer Issue, featuring three of the four male cast members of MTV’s Jersey Shore on the cover? It caused quite a stir! Maybe this is because the ‘Guido’ community’s homophobia has been well-documented, and we documented some of its closeted gay community! Or maybe it’s because one of the Jersey Shore cast-members who we featured once uttered a homophobic slur on national television. Either way, two of three cover boys responded, said once-homophobe Ronnie still mysteriously remains silent, and now, their fourth — DJ Paulie D, who couldn’t make the cover shoot — has weighed in.

Via OK Magazine:

While the Jersey Shore cast is all about their heterosexual exploits, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Vinny Guadagnino, and Ronnie Magro appear on the cover of the Village Voice‘s “Queer Issue” out now.

“That’s fine,” Pauly says of their gay fanbase. “We’ve got all kinds of fans. They range from guys, girls, old people, young people, all nationalities. That’s great. The more fans, the better.”

While it’s not quite the out-and-out (or out?) pride The Situation responded with, it’s certainly something. If you’re cynical, you can fairly see DJ Paulie D’s approach to the issue as ostensibly nice, but really, one with a capitalist’s sheen, and not much more. However, if you’re not, you can see it as one more plank bridging the gap between Gay and Guido, or at the very least, Famous Gay and Guido.

Ronnie, meanwhile, remains silent. Three out of four have spoken, and Ronnie continues to remain — even more so, now — mysteriously silent on the issue. What’s up with that? Maybe he really wasn’t pleased with being on the cover of The Queer Issue, given, you know, that past of his? Or maybe he just doesn’t know how to say whatever it is he’s feeling. Either way, we’re here to help Ronnie. Give us a holler, it’s probably high time to air this one out.