Jersey City Madam Arrested for Running Prostitution Ring Out of Her Apartment


You’re going to love this. A smooth-operating Jersey madam revealed the details of her business to “an undercover Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent posing as a corrupt cop offering protection,” according to the Daily News. That disguise is like a transvestite man posing as a woman who’s posing as a man. Well, who could question something so convoluted?

Not Naira Jalovian, apparently. She’s a Russian citizen with a U.S. green card, and was “charged with interstate and foreign travel or transportation in aid of racketeering enterprises” a/k/a running a prostitution ring, according to the Post.

What’s with shady Russian women around here these days?

The undercover agent met with Jalovian and recorded conversations at Opia Bar and Lounge in East Harlem, Keens Steakhouse in Midtown, and a Starbucks in Jersey City — because there’s nothing like chatting about sex for money over an iced caramel macchiato. There, she showed off photos of her call girls, a group including a former lingerie model, a military surgeon, a geometry teacher, and a former Olympic athlete. It’s quite a cast she had out on the town, especially the Olympian. … Michael Phelps better not be getting into troubs again.