The New York Lawn Bowling Club is a hardy group of about 100 who pursue their sport not only in Central Park (the greens are just north of the Sheep Meadow) but across the country and even internationally (more than 250 greens in Australia alone!). Originating in Britain in the 13th century, lawn bowling (or “bowls”) was originally played with round wooden balls; modern balls are three pounds, hard plastic, and not round; their asymmetric shape requires special spins to get close to the “jack,” or white ball, at the end of the green for points—a mere 120-foot shot! The Central Park greens are open daily to members of the Lawn Bowling Club (the $95 fee to join includes a locker at the greens clubhouse), and every weekend, there are games, tournaments, and picnics open to the public. For an introduction, come for Monday night’s free lessons. Soon you can be encouraging other players with a jolly “Good bowl!”

Sat., July 10, 5:45 p.m., 2010