KFC Double Down Sandwich Gets a Bun; Spike TV Gets On the Rocks


KFC’s mega-hit, the Double Down Sandwich, will soon morph into the Doublicious, comprising an Original Recipe fillet, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, and Colonel’s Sauce — just like the Double Down, but with a sweet Hawaiian Bread roll to hold it all together.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Dean & DeLuca is making its first foray out of New York with a brand-new location in the Washington, D.C., neighborhood of Georgetown.
[Washington Post]

The government is looking into limiting the use of antibiotics in livestock in light of research that shows overuse can affect human health.
[NY Times]

Spike TV’s new show On the Rocks, inspired by Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen, will feature Lure Fishbar’s Josh Capon redesigning a failing restaurant’s menu in the first episode.
[NY Post]

Starbucks is launching another specialty location in Seattle called Olive Way, which will feature beer, wine, and a “coffee theater”: a 360-degree barista bar in the middle of the store.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]