Lush Life Exhibit, Chapter 3: First Bird (A Few Butterflies), on Display at Invisible-Exports


The third exhibit based on Richard Price’s 2008 novel, Lush Life, is now open at Invisible-Exports gallery on the Lower East Side. It follows Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the nine-part project curated by Franklin Evans and Omar Lopez-Chahoud, in which each gallery interprets a chapter of the crime-driven Lower East Side-based novel.

The Invisible-Exports show, or Chapter 3, is smaller and more literal than the two before it — lots of birds in a tiny space. Though it lacks the intricacies of the Chapter 1 exhibit at Sue Scott Gallery and the punchiness of Chapter 2 at On Stellar Rays, it bears a truth informed by history and fantasy that surfaces in the previous exhibits and that pervades Lush Life, an imagined plot that overlays a foundation of Lower East Side cultural and social history.

A stand-out piece from the Chapter 3 exhibit is Soaring Hawk by Gina Magid, a frog painted on wood, roughly carved to resemble the wings and body of a hawk. The frog appears to be stuck somewhere mid-evolution, developing talons and wings, but the process is incomplete, the wood is mostly bare, and only the tips of the wings have color and design. Even the frog’s body is only half-colored, leaving the unfinished portions with imagined potential. This exhibit takes birds and uses them as vehicles to explore life, death, development, and uncertainty on a plane that is emotionally parallel to the almost enjoyable anxiety one feels as a reader of Price’s novel.

Below is the schedule of upcoming Lush Life openings. The opening reception will be July 8.

Sue Scott Gallery, Chapter One: Whistle
June 17 – August 1

On Stellar Rays, Chapter Two: Liar
June 23 – August 1

Invisible-Exports, Chapter Three: First Bird (A Few Butterflies)
June 25 – August 6

Lehmann Maupin, Chapter Four: Let It Die
July 8 – August 13

Y Gallery, Chapter Five: Want Cards
July 8 – July 25

Collette Blanchard Gallery, Chapter Six: The Devil You Know
July 8 – August 13

Salon 94, Chapter Seven: Wolf Tickets
June 24 – July 30

Scaramouche, Chapter Eight: 17 Plus 25 Is 32
July 8 – August 7

Eleven Rivington, Chapter Nine: She’ll Be Apples
July 15 – August 13