Mike Bloomberg New ‘Mighty Whitey’ Title Holder at City Hall


The Times has taken a long overdue meter-reading of Team Bloomberg’s diversity hiring performance and the results are not good. Consider:

  • Since being elected to a third term last year, of the mayor’s nine major appointments — three deputy mayors and six commissioners — all are white; one is female.
  • “Of the 80 current city officials identified by the Bloomberg administration as “key members” on its Web site, 79 percent are white, and 64 percent are men.”
  • The same stat holds for a slightly broader circle of 321 top officers at city agencies — commissioners, deputies, general counsels: 78 percent white; 60 percent male, according to the Times data.

The comparative charts are even worse: Bloomberg’s City Hall is strikingly less diverse than even that of Rudy Giuliani (who worked hard to earn his nickname of “Mighty Whitey”) where 75 percent of those “key members” were white. (This was after the administration of first-and-only black mayor David Dinkins, whose inner circle of aides was just 55 percent white.)

Bloomberg declined to explore the issue with reporters David Chen and Jo Craven McGinty. But spokesman Stu Loeser allowed that “there is always more we can do.”

If so, they might start by firing up the Mayor’s film and television office where officials have been steadily stonewalling a request by councilman Jumaane Williams to find out the proportion of blacks and Latins hired and fired in the tiny agency, and how it came to pass that the son of a mayoral pal (white) managed to snare a six-figure flack job without anyone else even being interviewed for the post.