Morning Links: Biden Heads to the Gulf; Public Pools Are Open; Russian Spy Secrets Remain Unknown


• Vice President Biden will visit the Gulf area today, the 71st day of the spill. BP says things are “on track” for getting a relief well down to the area where the oil is leaking, but Tropical Storm Alex, which is expected to become a hurricane, may derail the effort. [CNN]

• There’s another heat advisory today — it will be in the 90s — but the city’s 54 outdoor public pools are now open. [NBC NY]

• New York lawmakers approved budget bills they say close a $9.2 billion deficit and eliminate the threat of a government shutdown. A Paterson spokesman, however, says their budget “is at least $400 million out of balance.” [Bloomberg]

• General David Petraeus appears before the Senate Armed Services Committee for a confirmation hearing beginning at 9:30 a.m. Meanwhile, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be busy questioning Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. [NPR]

• General Stanley McChrystal has told the Army that he will retire. [FOX]

• It’s unclear what U.S. secrets the alleged Russian spy ring arrested over the weekend was able to collect. [NYT]

• Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ divorce is final. [LAT]

• The new LEGO store at Rockefeller Center is holding grand opening events starting today. Help build a 16-foot apple out of LEGOs, among other things. [NewYorkology]