Mystery of ‘Lost Duck’ Signs Seen Around NYC Begins to Unravel


Remember when we saw that LOST DUCK sign plastered over a mailbox outside our office last week? Well! The quacktastic [Ed.: “Quacktastic?” Jesus.] mystery has been beginning to untangle itself.

What we’d assumed to have been a very subversive instance of stellar street art that sent us in an existential Monday-morning tailspin has been followed by this, pasted right above it, on the same mailbox:

A clue! Navigating your Web browser to will lead you to a website — sure enough — entitled “Duck Show” where you will find (among other things, like a category called “Hold My Duck,” which certainly made me laugh) a posting regarding ‘Zorro Duck and the case of the ‘Lost Duck.'” In which it’s explained:

Let me preface this post by saying that I was not responsible for posting all the “Lost Duck” signs all over the city and I have no clue who is responsible for hanging them. I find them to be brilliant, but you could say that I am a little biased [‘Smiley face’] Anyway, a few of my friends told me about the signs and it gave me an idea….another adventure for Zorro Duck. So I made up some “Found Duck” signs. I searched out some of the “Lost Duck” signs today and posted my “Found Duck” along side them. I want to thank the person-wherever you are-for inspiring this story of Zorro Duck and the case of the “Lost Duck”……….and I hope you find your rubber duck.

Fuck. A. Duck. Truly. Just when we thought we had this, all we ended up with is yet another subversive artist with more mysteries to unwravel! Who is this rubber-duck-obsessed person and what do they want with the world? An “About Me” section of this person’s website explains:

About Colleen
I don’t take myself too seriously. My philosophy in life is to laugh or make someone laugh. Duck Show combines my two favorite hobbies: photography and collecting lots and lots of rubber ducks. Hopefully anyone who visits Duck Show will chuckle, giggle, snicker, chortle, guffaw, have hysterics, fall down laughing, double up, or just smile.

Well, that’s not too ignoble a mission. Even more, this person got Samuel L. Jackson to pose with her (motherfucking) duck. And even more, she titled the photo “Samuel L. Duckson,” which also made me laugh. Score! Regardless, the mystery of the LOST DUCK signs still persist, though we’re maybe one step closer to understanding the motivations behind this certain stripe of subversion.