New York Magazine Is Really Trying to Make Socks With Sandals Happen


Is this a trick? The generally fashionable New York magazine is attempting to promote something that we cannot abide: “Eight Killer Sock-and-Sandal Combos.” And calling it a trendlet, for the love of God. Don’t believe it. This is what happened with rompers, ladies! And coral lipstick! And … shoulder pads!

It just takes one media outlet to jump on the bandwagon, and sooner or later, we’re all confused and befuddled and brain-washed enough to think, Hey, maybe that looks kinda good. And then we go out wearing it, and some other poor impressionable fashion victim sees us, and so on. It’s a slippery slope.

A few ground rules: If you look like a child, a tourist, or a spinster aunt, you do not look good (unless you are any of those things, in which case, sorry, you’re workin’ it!). Also, just because Zooey Deschanel wears something … or Chloe Sevigny … well, you get the point. If you don’t, yet, this should help.

Guys, this goes for you, too — socks + sandals = bad. If, come September, you see us in one of these get-ups, we’ll eat our lime-green socks.

Unless, New York Mag … you were kidding, right?