Rebel Yell


Don’t tell Grandma, but bingo’s gone to the dark side. What started as an innocent game of church-basement gambling and a rainy-day recess-time activity has become a raunchfest of dirty, glittery, booze-fueled mayhem at the hands of a few entrepreneurial party promoters from across the pond. Londoners James Flames and Freddie Fortune are now bringing their highly successful dance Rebel Bingo party, complete with circus acts, music, costumes, and corporal scribbling to New York—at a secret TBA warehouse somewhere in Greenpoint. Come for the bingo prizes; stay for the costumed freaks drawing all over one another. But if anyone asks, you’re going to a neighborhood-watch meeting—as far as we know, Rebel Bingo is still on the down-low.

Fri., July 9, 10 p.m., 2010