The Finger Lakes Are the ‘New Riesling Kingdom’; Miller and Coors Brewer Says Women Are Better Tasters


According to the French wine magazine La Vigne, the “new Riesling kingdom” is just a five-hour drive from Manhattan — in the Finger Lakes.
[NY Post]

A new study reveals that wine could be good for the eyes. Resveratrol can apparently stop blood vessels from being damaged, preventing macular degeneration.

American pale ale, popular in the summer, is a variation on the British IPA, which uses zestier American hops.
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SABMiller, which makes the Miller, Coors, Pilsner Urquell, Peroni, and Grolsch brands, looks to employees at all levels to act as tasters, and prefers to use women.
[Wall Street Journal]

The Wine Century Club has only one membership requirement: You should have tried at least 100 different varieties of grape to join.
[Wall Street Journal]

Importer Jose Pastor has revolutionized the Spanish wine market in the U.S. by bringing in wines from Spain that are made organically, biodynamically, and naturally.
[NY Daily News]

The Legislature has once again rejected a proposed bill to allow grocery stores to sell wine, which is allegedly vehemently opposed by the state’s liquor store owners.
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Forget Bloody Marys. The original breakfast cocktails included eye-openers, fog-cutters, mustache-twisters, and corpse revivers.
[Washington Post]