The Minetta Tavern Has Been Made Into a Video Game


Although it’s been so thoroughly McNally-fied that its famous portrait of Joe Gould no longer has a place there, the Minetta Tavern has been reinvented yet again, this time as a video game.

Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York has an interesting interview with Dave Gilbert, a video game designer who has created two games that feature Joe Gould and Joseph Mitchell, two of the old Minetta’s most famous habitués. There are murders involved, and parts of the games are set in the tavern.

Unsurprisingly, Gilbert has some mixed feelings about the Minetta’s new incarnation. While the old one was “quiet and relaxed,” version 2.0 is, well, not so much:

“As for the new Minetta, I don’t feel comfortable there. When it reopened, I walked in wearing my t-shirt and jeans and I felt really, really out of place. The missing Joe Gould portrait was only a small part of it. The bouncers, the Gucci and Prada clientele, the loud inane chatter. It just wasn’t my Minetta anymore. And that’s fine, I suppose. For the Minetta, it was either change or die, and at least I can LOOK at the place, even if I don’t want to enter it.”