You Pretty Much Have to Be a Genius to Go to NYU Abu Dhabi


New York University’s Abu Dhabi satellite campus accepted just 2.1 percent of applicants for its inaugural class of 2014, compared to Harvard, which admitted 6.9 percent. Yep, these kids could probably kick ass at any spelling bee in any language in any country in the ever-expanding NYUniverse. “They are arguably the most selective and internationally diverse entering class in the world,” John Sexton, President of NYU, says in a statement.

Here are some wow-ing stats via NYU:

NYU put a push on recruiting from the outset of the project. “From the beginning, we hoped that NYU Abu Dhabi would be the ‘World’s Honors College,'” said Sexton. “To create such a school, we knew that we needed to attract students who not only would be top candidates for admission at the best universities in the world, but who also possessed a special appetite for a cosmopolitan and diverse environment.”

A more “cosmopolitan and diverse environment” than New York City? Or does that translate to “shiny, flashy, rich, and over-the-top” in one of the bajillion languages spoken by NYUAD students? These college newbies are so stinkin’ smart, they’ll probably emerge from the $$oil-filled$$ landmass like filthy rich kings. Harvard’s got nothin’ on this place.

On a serious note, though, here’s an interesting point: With “NYJew,” as it’s known, um, colloquially, moving into an area that doesn’t have diplomatic ties to Israel and doesn’t even recognize Israeli passports, will there be complications? In NYUAD’s FAQ section, they address the issue but glaze over it. Hopefully the PR-savvy FAQ answer is more than just that.

38. Will Israeli students be admitted to NYUAD, and will Israeli faculty be recruited?
NYU Abu Dhabi will hire faculty and recruit students on the basis of outstanding academic and creative qualifications and potential. NYU Abu Dhabi will not discriminate on the basis of national origin in its admissions and hiring practices. As in the U.S., individuals invited to attend any educational institution in the U.A.E. must lawfully enter the country under prevailing local immigration laws. The U.A.E. does not have diplomatic relations with Israel and therefore does not recognize Israeli passports for the purposes of entry into the country. NYU is committed, however, to working to facilitate the participation of all NYU Abu Dhabi faculty and students.

This global expansion is occurring simultaneously with the giant school’s 20-year plan to take over New York City. Students who are really, really smart but not geniuses can still get into regular NYU, but high-schoolers better start cramming for the SAT and developing obscure talents and language skills if they want to get in on the shiny brand-spankin-new NYUAD.