Dave Longstreth Finally Vents His Unrelenting Whale Obsession Through An Album With Bjork


In the words of the Dirty Projectors‘ Dave Longstreth himself: “Don’t listen on those tiny stereo speakers — put in on the stereo and blast dat shiiiiiiiiiiii!!”

Aside from commanding us to “blast dat shiiii,” bet you never thought Longstreth would be singing (presumably) the vocal line of a daddy whale on a new album called Mount Wittenberg Orca. As it’s been explained, Stereogum‘s Brandon Stosuy facilitated the Bjork/Dirty Projectors collaboration after calling upon their services for that Housing Works benefit concert last year. Things went from Bjork asking “What should we do?” to Longstreth responding “I guess I’d really love to write a bunch of new songs for us to sing together,” and next thing you know, Bjork has “agreed to sing the part of the mom whale.” Amber, Angel, and Haley, the harmonic sirens of the Dirty Projectors, are assuming the roles of the kid whales. This sounds exactly like you’d imagine.

The album’s single, “All We Are.”

Mount Wittenberg Orca is available. All proceeds go towards the National Geographic Society Oceans Project.