Egg-Shaped Japanese Anime Creature Now Enjoying Benefits of Chicago Public Transit


Following in New York’s great tradition of Sad Pandas or Club Animals riding the subway — and also somehow managing to be one of the more inconspicuous commuters in this city, because, uh, this is New York — it would appear Chicago’s resident Egg-Shaped Japanese Anime Creatures With Ears are now enjoying the benefits of public transportation.

Via Roger Ebert’s Twitter, the creature in question is Totoro, the star of a Hayao Miyazaki-directed 1988 Japanese anime film called My Neighbor Totoro. And it is waiting for a bus, which may or may not let him on. Ebert didn’t actually identify whether or not this is from his hometown, Chicago, but, uh, yeah. Voice music editor Rob Harvilla articulated it best.

And so would we. Possibly to Harvilla’s relief and Totoro’s disadvantage, however, Chicago has had an incredibly violent summer. Totoros shouldn’t be leaving the house when 84 people are shot over two weekends and the dude’s as wide as a bus, lest he get caught in one of the most violent crossfires in America. Didn’t think this was going to go there, did you? Yeah, Chicago is in terrible shape right now.

Then again — and again, assuming said Totoro is in Chi-Town — maybe this will help lift spirits a little. As someone who takes unusual pride in having been witness to a fare share of intensely bizarre transit experiences, it’s hard not to take pride in other cities across America embracing making the world a little more surreal during one’s daily commute.