Four Ads We Find More Offensive Than the Pulled Georgi Vodka Bikini Ads


The MTA has pulled ads featuring models’ bikinied bottoms — with the Georgi Vodka logo on them — from some Brooklyn buses after members of the Hasidic community complained. Georgi Vodka producer Martin Silver was outraged, hiring Georgi bikini-clad models to protest in his company’s favor. Now, whether you side with the Hasidic community or not, if the MTA is removing offensive ads from the transit system, there are a few more the subway and bus systems could do without. Below, a list of other “offensive” ads we’ve seen on the MTA.

1. Bunion Correction Ads. There’s nothing like starting your morning commute with thoughts and images of deformed feet. Or ending your evening commute with thoughts and images of deformed feet. Or thinking about deformed feet all day and all night long. Please, make it stop.

2. Dr. Zizmor. Oh, Dr. Zizmor. Are you really a doctor? Is that your real name? Your vague but pleasant “serial killer with a heart of gold” visage sends chills down our spine that are mildly soothed by the beautiful stars and rainbows that surround you. Maybe we’ll make an appointment after all.

3. Target. This one hurts. You know there’s not one superstore in Manhattan (yet). Yeah, promises, promises.

4. Soda Lard. Dear NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, an undulating flow of fat pouring out of an ambiguous bottle of brown liquid only makes us avert our eyes from your advertisement immediately, not avoid soda. Plus, that’s totally a Snapple bottle.

Aside from the fact that Georgi Vodka is probably more offensive on your throat than a bikini bottom advertisement, based on the list above, we wish the MTA would exercise their authority more often.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know.