Ice Cream Treats to Scream For; a New ‘Quebeco-American’ Diner


Maybe it’s a good thing that so many airlines have abandoned complimentary meals on planes: As it turns out, a lot of airplane food is prepared in unsanitary and unsafe conditions that could lead to illness. [USA Today]

Geoffrey McDonald, an heir to the fast-food chain that is his namesake, was beaten and robbed of more than $376,000 in money and jewelry from his home in Provence. [NY Daily News]

Some of Midtown’s most exclusive restaurants, like Monkey Bar and Le Caprice, are now taking reservations. The latter has even joined Restaurant Week. [NY Post]

Some of the coolest ice cream creations in town include ABC Kitchen’s creamsicle freeze milkshake, ice cream cake in a cup at Quality Meats, and Daniel Boulud’s Baked Alaska. [NY Post]

General Mills is being sued by a New York woman for misleading nutritional and health claims about its Fruit Roll-Ups and other fruit snacks popular with children. [Reuters]

A new study reveals that just over half the foods specifically targeted at babies and toddlers are far too sweet. [Daily Mail]

At this year’s Fancy Food Show, “fancy” and “healthy” were practically interchangeable, as many items were organic, vegan, whole grain, fair trade, antioxidant, and gluten-free. [Diner’s Journal]

Chef Hugue Dufour, a transplant from Montreal’s pork-and-foie gras temple, Au Pied de Cochon, has opened an eclectic “Quebeco-American Diner” in Long Island City. [NY Times]