Morning Links: Paterson Begins Veto Process; Violent Crime Up in NYC; LeBron Shops for Townhomes in the West Village


• Governor Paterson expects to spend 29 hours vetoing spending in 6,899 budget amendments added by legislators this week. He has 10 days to do it. [NYP]

• Violent crime is up in New York City — murders are up 11 percent, rapes 13 percent, and there have been 7 percent more shootings. The good news? Grand larcenies are down by 7 percent. [NYDN]

• Goldman Sachs’ No. 2 exec, Gary Cohn, will testify today before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. He “is expected to face some challenging questions about Goldman’s exposure to AIG.” [WSJ]

Larry King Live will end this fall, giving Larry and his wife more time for the kids’ little league games, he said. He will continue to host CNN specials. [CNN]

• LeBron James has been checking out townhouses in the West Village, including Billy Joel’s old place. [NYP]

• A Target will open in East Harlem in July [ABC]

• An Upper East Sider is waging a war on dog poop. We wish him or her well. [NYC The Blog]