NYC Cultural Institutions Pay Homage to Kim Kardashian’s Ass, Ringo Starr’s Drum


Last week, Kardashian toyed with viewers of her website: “Hmm … why would I be getting measured … Curiosity? Dress fitting? Can you guess?” (Is that a caliper the woman is using to size up her buns?) Yesterday, she posted a photo of a cast of her head. Turns out, booty and all, Kim Kardashian will be immortalized by famous museum of wax figures, Madame Tussauds.

When the wax sculpture is complete, adolescent boys and men will inevitably take the opportunity to photograph themselves in explicit poses with it, while female passers-by ponder, “How is that human?” and “What was that sketchy diet pill called again?”

Moving along to another soon-to-be-celebrated work of art:

On Ringo Starr’s 70th birthday, July 7, the Metropolitan Museum of Art will display the famous Beatles member’s one-of-a-kind, gold-plated, blingin’, rockin’ snare drum, a really generous gift presented to him in 1964 by William Ludwig II, the then-president of Ludwig Drum Co.

Starr received the drum after playing a less flashy black drum displaying the brand “Ludwig” on The Ed Sullivan Show. After it received about as much attention as Kim Kardashian’s ass, a deluge of drum orders followed, and Ludwig gifted Starr with the golden snare in thanks for the excellent publicity — a gift that, for both parties, keeps on giving. The drum will hold court until December among instruments from around the world dating back to about 300 B.C. in the museum’s Musical Instruments Galleries.

Will Ludwig’s sales surge once more? It’s possible, but not for this model specifically, because YOU CAN’T GET IT. The displayed drum is on loan from Starr, and there is not a duplicate to be had, according to a Ludwig customer services representative. The drum company does offer a 1928 Gold Triumphal model, 40 of which were re-released last year for $10,999 a pop, but that’s as close as a buyer will come — and it’s not even the super-sensitive model like Starr’s.

Well, you can still get your kicks by taking a photo of yourself cupping Kim Kardashian’s wax ass, if that’s your style.