Our Restaurant Guide Inspires Some New Maps of the City


In addition to being of some service to wandering gluttons, the Voice‘s restaurant guide is apparently of use to graphic designers.

Over at Very Small Array, someone has used our guide to create a series of maps that break down each of the city’s ZIP codes based upon the predominate type of ethnic restaurants found there. In addition to being real pretty — the color palette is reminiscent of the WPA’s better work — the maps confirm certain suspicions. Williamsburg and Greenpoint, for example, are dominated by “New American” cuisine; certain stretches of Midtown are defined by “American” and “Steakhouse”; and “Italian” has a choke hold on much of the rest of the city. Although it’s altogether absent from the area of Queens roughly corresponding to Rochdale and South Jamaica, that, curiously, is defined by “Dessert.”

[Via Gawker]