Premium Village Voice Advertising Rates: Now with “Added Value” Placement in MoMA Collection


Here at the Village Voice, we love a good bargain. And we also love to exercise our ability to be “utility players.” It’s with this in mind and the magic of Runnin’ Scared’s Division of Mark-to-Market Accounting that we’d like to offer you the Voice‘s new advertising premiums: if you buy advertising with us today,

(A) We won’t talk about your genitalia in regards to multimillion dollar media acquisitions, maybe, and
(B) We’ll get your ads in the Museum of Modern Art.

No, really. We can make this happen, apparently.

The Museum of Modern Art is currently doing an exhibition of some old full Village Voice pages with advertisements by first-generation conceptual artist Adrian Piper, which stemmed from her transcribing and publishing writing from her childhood journals as ads, which were placed in the Village Voice from 1973 to 1975. And now, they’re in MoMA. And according to ArtInfo, they’re pretty swell!

MoMA has said that it will rotate the ads on display during the run of the exhibition (which is slated to close September 12, 2011), meaning that visitors will be able to see every one of Piper’s ads. Also, many of the ads ran in the section of the paper devoted to gallery announcements, so MoMA’s full-page installations provide the added bonus of letting viewers marvel at what galleries like Pace, Marlborough, Castelli, Sonnabend, and Dwan (all regular Voice advertisers at the time) were showing on a month-by-month basic. Finally, art critic John Perreault’s weekly column sometimes began on (or ran onto) the page with Piper’s ad, providing a chance for MoMA visitors to catch up on some vintage criticism, which has happily and deservedly found its way into MoMA’s holdings.

One of the pages:

Right, so basically, call our advertising people — I don’t know their number but if you’re buying advertising, you obviously know it, because you’re a savvy, ahead-of-the-curve advertising buyer — and tell them you want the “MoMA Special” and that Foster — and this is the important part — that “Foster made the call.” That’s the important part. Otherwise I don’t get my kickback due (otherwise unconditional) affection around here. Also, we’re better than MoMA, because we have like, hundreds of these old Voice issues in the back of the office. If you want to look at them I’ll charge you the same as MoMA and you won’t have to deal with tourists or people cutting you in line just to cry at Marina Abramović. It’s a steal, really.