Rescue Chocolate Aids Sweet Tooths and Homeless Pets


Park Slope has given us numerous whimsical and highly specific food products, but until now, it had not produced a line of chocolate bars inspired in part by feral cats and castration.

But thanks to Rescue Chocolate, the neighborhood has added that particular plume to its cap. As The Brooklyn Eagle reports, the vegan, Kosher bars are the brainchild of Sarah Gross, a dancer who was inspired to start her company by the plight of abused and abandoned animals.

Each of the bars — which are made at Sunset Park’s Tumbador factory — are named after issues affecting homeless pets: The Fix is meant to make you think about spaying and neutering; Foster-iffic Peppermint is all about fostering animals and minty-fresh breath; and the forthcoming Mission Feral Fig bar will combine plump fruit, nuts, and feline population control.

Whether consumers will want to think about tiny, disembodied gonads as they’re eating chocolate remains to be seen, but as with the ice cream named after democracy movements, it seems that the motivation here is both sincere and admirable: 100 percent of Rescue’s net profits will go to animal rescue organizations across the country. The bars are now available online and at locations that include, naturally, the BARC shelter in Williamsburg.