Taqueria de los Muertos Has a Mean Tongue Burrito


If you’re not already a fan of this place purely for its name’s sake, then the tongue burrito at Taqueria de los Muertos is sure to win you over. Overstuffed with rice, cheese, beans (traditional pinto or black), pico de gallo, and tender slices of tongue, it qualifies as a full meal on its own for the bargain price of $6.50.

Now, tongue can be tasty and tongue can be tongue. Ideally, it’s firm, yet moist, and just a little chewy. At its worst, it can make you feel like you’re French-kissing a cow with dry mouth. The lengua verda at Muertos is slow-cooked in a mild tomatillo sauce, so you end up with a texture that is just right. The burrito itself is constructed so meticulously that you can manage to get a bit of rice, beans, and meat in each bite — provided your mouth is big enough. And the thing is packed so tightly that you can easily take it for a stroll.

Taqueria de los Muertos
663 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn

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