The-Dream Just Released A Nearly 13-Minute New Video Called “Trilogy”


Why hello there, epic video stitching three straight tracks (“Yamaha,” “Nicki Pt. 2,” and “Abyss”) from Dream’s new Love King, which we like quite a bit. Let us watch now and then discuss:

1. I hope that’s his actual band.

2. The fact that he doesn’t show the tattoo on his back while singing, “Still got your name tattooed on my back” leads me to conclude he does not, in fact, have said tattoo.

3. The line “You fuckin’ with/You fuckin’ with/You fuckin’ with my house” intrigued me greatly, and I’m sorry it wasn’t somehow dramatized.

4. The shower-door scene in Kentucky Fried Movie was better.

5. That part also suggests Dream is a “never-nude.”

6. This would’ve benefited from some sort of b-plot, so it’s not just Dream looking amorous/looking pensive/looking pissed.

7. It’d be rad though if that girl got famous and for the rest of time profiles noted that she got her start in a fuckin’ 13-minute Dream video.

8. I was worried during the “Abyss” waterfall part that this was gonna end up on some The Cell shit, and I’m pretty glad that didn’t happen.

9. Love you dogg.