Video: Jersey Shore Second Season Trailer, Bitchesssss!!!!!!!!!!! (With Village Voice’s Exclusive “Sneak Peek!”)


Honorary “Guidette” Nikki Finke posted the trailer for the second season of Jersey Shore on Deadline Hollywood this morning. “We’re ready to come out and destroy this place,” the thing they call “Snooki” astutely notes. She’s ostensibly talking about Miami, but, really, the single place in America you once held absolutely sacred, known widely as one’s “cerebral cortex.” Celebrate with us, as we also have an exclusive “Sneak Peak” of what to expect from the onetime Village Voice cover stars:

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Hopefully, some of the men of Jersey Shore will get to employ their newly gained appreciation for open acceptance of all people of all sexual orientations (except Ronnie, of course) in Miami. We actually have an “exclusive” scene from the second season the world has yet to see:

You knew there was a reason it’d be in quotes. No, but really, they need to go to the South Fork for the next season. Miami doesn’t deserve this nearly as much as Southampton does. You know I’m right.