Kristin Davis, the “Manhattan Madam,” Is Having a Hard Time Settling on a Party Name for Her Gubernatorial Run


You almost have to feel sorry for Kristin Davis, a/k/a, the former madam of a prostitution ring that allegedly supplied bigwigs (including Eliot Spitzer) with call girls. Not only did her business go bust, she’s now running into logistical troubles with her intended gubernatorial run. ‘Cause, you know, you have to come up with a name for your party, and while “Reform Party” seemed so promising, the actual Reform Party has now sent her a cease and desist demanding her to change the name. Immediately.

According to the Observer, Reform Party National Committee chairman David Collison sent the e-mail to Davis on June 29. While the party gave the OK to Ross Perot to use the name for his presidential run in the ’90s, they point out that Davis’s mission has little to do with their own. And anyway, even Perot had to go with the Independence Party in New York. It’s all rather complicated, enough so that Davis says she’ll just pick a new name already. But names are hard!

What best encapsulates her goals of legalizing pot, gambling, and prostitution, and recognizing gay marriage? The Surprise Party, Citizens Party, Hookers and Pot Party, Marijuana Legalization Party, and Freedom Party have all been considered and rejected.

But we have ideas, here, too. So we’d like to respectfully submit the following, no charge. Kristin, if you win, we’ll have to talk.

Hide the Golden Nugget Party
Penicillin Party
Spitzer’s Complaint
Sex and the City Party
Hell Yeah, It’s a Party

Best of luck!