Nets Billboard Really Is Unnerving Knicks Brass, Reportedly


We woke up this morning and saw the first item on eTrueSports’ “Sports Shorts” and thought it was real before we realized we were being spoofed again by sports prankster supreme Frank Coffey:

“This is like a belt in the Borscht,” said Knicks colorful owner James Dolan in his first comments about the New Jersey Nets billboard overlooking Madison Square Garden. “Prokofiev oughta stick to composing jingles.”

But after all, it could have been true.

In today’s Daily News, (“New York Knicks annoyed by Jay-Z, Mikhail Prokhorov ‘Blueprint for Greatness’ billboard near Garden”) Julian Garcia writes that according to sources, the Knicks owner really was shaken by the enormous billboard featuring Nets’ principal owner Prokhorov and partner Jay-Z gazing down towards the Garden with a determined look on their faces. Their “Blueprint for Greatness,” no doubt, includes LeBron James.

Barry Watkins, the Knicks senior and vice-president of communications, would only say, “We welcome any competition and wish them well on their move to Newark.” But how about that move to Brooklyn in two years, Barry?